Is Minneapolis colder than Siberia?

Minneapolis is cold. But is it as cold as Oymyakon, Sibera - the pole of cold?

Minneapolis & Siberia: Current Temperatures

It's in Minneapolis vs. in Siberia.

Okay, but what if you include wind chill in our comparison?

I mean, wind chill is a huge deal. You can't ignore that. That's our X-Factor.

Minneapolis & Siberia: Current Wind Chills

The wind chill is in Minneapolis vs. in Siberia.

Fine. But you forgot about wind gusts! It's gusty dude.

Let's look at Minneapolis's "gust chill" vs. Siberia's standard wind chill. This is the one!

Minneapolis & Siberia: Gust Chill vs Wind Chill

The wind chill with gusts is in Minneapolis vs. of just standard wind chill in Siberia.

Blergh, okay I will tell YOU the wind gust value.

I'm going to enter what the winds are gusting to, in miles per hour, and then you do the gust chill math, okay?

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"Umm, it's colder in Minneapolis than Siberia right now."

Share the Good News on Twitter

"A small victory: it's colder in Siberia than in Minneapolis."